This is Us

It was during a casual conversation in the kitchen between fun and laughter that we realized we had the same dream, the dream of opening an online boutique. 

Like many of you, we are busy wives and working moms who know that going to the mall to shop for clothes can be time consuming and at times overwhelming due to the large selection of “stuff.”  So, the longer we chatted the more excited we became.  It suddenly became clear, we needed to join forces and create Hart & Hatch, our Online Boutique.

Our vision is that our boutique provides you with a simplistic fashion forward shopping experience; a place where you can find trendy and unique pieces that you love.. Best of all, you can shop at a time and place that’s convenient to you.

We love what we do and spend time researching products and the fashion industry. Because of that, our handpicked selection is small so we can keep our inventory constantly fresh.  We would rather have fewer pieces that you can’t live without than oversaturate our shop with “stuff.”  

We are dedicated to be the go to boutique for you, the busy, confident and trendy woman.   Let us help you make style happen.  Go ahead, make Hart & Hatch your first choice for fashion!

Thanks for taking this journey with us! 


Hazel and Valerie

Hart & Hatch 

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